It's only two days till Black Friday and if you're like me, you're still trying to figure out what to buy and for whom. Here's a list I started of some unique Christmas gifts I didn't find at the mall ...

1.  Moravian Star - Since my grandmother grew up in Bethlehem, I thought a star from the Moravian Book Shop might be a nice keepsake for her.

2.  Gatski metal chicken - I'm always looking for things that can be used as "conversation pieces" and Home and Planet never fails me. This chicken is made from old farm machinery in PA.

3.  Old coins - I found some really neat old coins for my step-brother (he collects them) at the Merchants Square Mall's auction, where you can find just about anything.

4.  Custom-made DVD - My grandfather has so many slides and 8mm video tapes of everything from Guam to my 4th birthday party. I thought it would be great to turn his old footage into a DVD at Dan's.

5.  Eco-friendly sweater - Since "going green" is all the rage, I thought of getting a sweater from Clothesline Organics for my good friend who is passionate about human rights (they are sweatshop free!).

6.  IronPigs garden gnome - My dad, the sports junkie and oddball in the family, would get a kick out of this Lehigh Valley IronPigs gnome!

7.  Bark-b-que ribs - I don't have a dog, but I still love to stop in Bone Appetit Bakery to pet the owner's golden retriever.

8.  Nonpareils - Let's face it, we all have someone who we have no idea what to buy for. Red and green nonpareils from Josh Early Candies will seriously do the job.

Happy Turkey Day and of course, Happy Shopping!!!