Psychedelic backdrop, harmonic guitar rifts, taking me to a far place with fluffy clouds, blue skies, running through fields of wildflowers with pulsing red and green lights….

Ok I am back!

That can only describe the aura that invaded the Musikfest Café on Tuesday night.  I did not know what to expect, but the crowd apparently did as they crowded onto the dance floor in front of the stage in anticipation.  The band is described as classic rock, New Orleans Funk.  The biggest surprise was the drummer is Bill Kreutzmann who was the drummer for the Grateful Dead for 30 years!

I guess I forgot to do my homework before the concert.  With a fitting somber tone, the band performed “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” with the announcement that it was the 16th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death.  I can only claim to be clueless in Lehigh Valley.  It was definitely an entertaining evening with a mix of Grateful Dead and New Orleans vibes, with plenty of psychedelic undertones.

I also had the privilege to experience The Steve Miller Band at the new Sands Steel Stage, great sound, better seating and we loved the new party deck!   I am impressed with the new Musikfest Southside venue; it has a laid back feeling with the same great music on all stages.  What do you think about the new Musikfest Southside?  I am looking forward to next year!