Where can you get decent clams in the Valley? I’ll tell you where, Stahley’s! I had a business meeting last week and we chose to meet at Stahley’s, great choice. I was hungry for clams from the time that I found out we were going, until the time we arrived.

So what did I order for lunch? Tacos. Yes, tacos, I went against my gut instinct of clams. The only mistake in my decision was ordering two tacos, when one was plenty. Plus, I missed clam night, which is Wednesday, so I felt it just wouldn’t be right to order them on a Thursday. You may also call that an excuse I made so that I return next Wednesday night.

Now everyone has their favorites. Some go for the clams, some for the dyna bites, and some for the cheesesteaks. Some people may just go for a good time, in a good environment with friends. A coworker just informed me that if you take your “same day” IronPigs tickets to Stahley’s with you, beer and fountain sodas are only $.25! Yes, 25 cents! Run, don’t walk!

Where's your place of choice for clams?