When I mentioned wanting to go to the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, my husband Don was not enthused until I told him which show was on the top of my list - the Tony Award-winning musical "1776." How lucky we are to have Broadway quality theater right here in Lehigh Valley PA!

This was my first time experiencing 1776 but Don had seen it years ago. Kudos to the good people at DeSales University who bring us this festival ... he enjoyed their production more than the show in New York.

From the moment the curtain opened I felt as if I was actually witnessing history in the making. When taught in school, Congress signing the Declaration of Independence seemed so matter-of-fact. The actors playing John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the rest really brought to life the passionate debate and compromise that preceded the final document's signing, and did so with intensity, humor and song.

I especially liked the way John and his wife Abigail's actual love letters back and forth help tell the story from a founding "family" perspective. In today's world, they'd be text-messaging constantly!

Every aspect of this show was top notch: the set, lighting, orchestra ...I could go on forever. At the end, the entire audience sprang to its feet for a well deserved standing ovation.

Will you go and sign the Declaration of Independence too? There are 14 more show times to experience PSF's "1776" for yourself. 

*Thanks to PSF & Lee A. Butz for the above photo.