It is Veteran's Day, Lehigh Valley. Happy Veteran's Day to all who are serving and have served! We thank you. My late grandfather was a veteran. And my post today is about him, but not because today is Veteran's Day. It's because today is the day that he would get in line and buy all of his grandchildren, including me, Hess Trucks!

I was the eldest grandchild and I'm not sure when he started buying Hess trucks, but what I do know is that I have a nice collection of at least 15 or so. When he died, my father and uncles subsequently continued for a few years to keep up with the Hess truck giving tradition. Here is a link to the Hess Store locator. (You can check the box to search only for those that have the Toy Truck Available)

So maybe it is a little sweeter that I can remember my grandfather the soldier and veteran on Veteran's day and my grandfather the wonderful man who like clockwork every year would give me the gift of a Hess truck.

Now, today is November 11th, 2011, so today is not technically a palindrome, because the date is 11/11/2011. However in light of the fact that all through the 90's no one used "19", I'm calling this one an informal palindrome on account that no one is using 2011, informally.


Will you be getting someone a Hess Truck this year?