This past Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday to be exact), I had the opportunity to pass the hours leading up to the big game by taking my sister-in-law’s family and ours to Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center for a fun morning of snow tubing. It’s not often I find myself on a mountain in frigid temperatures at 8:30 a.m., but the things you do for your child, niece and nephew.

Thanks to Megan, Bear Creek’s Marketing Coordinator, we were afforded the luxury of this great day. The conditions were great, the crowd was pleasant, and the laughs we shared made the day perfect. So perfect in fact, that my niece felt compelled to tell the tale of the day’s events in her own words. So without further ado, here is Abigail Greenplate (age 10), guest blogger extraordinaire . . .

Hi, Discover Lehigh Valley fans! Even though I’m just a kid, I’ve been to a lot of cool places in the Lehigh Valley. Today, I’m writing about Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center. Bear Creek is a place where you can ski, snowboard, snow tube, dine and relax. You can take snowboarding and skiing classes if you’re new to the sport. There are lots of slopes there, each one different.

The food is exceptional. At one of the restaurants, there is a game room and a HUGE fireplace which is nice to sit by in this weather. There’s even a daycare for the little kids to play in while their parents are doing something else. Did I mention they have a beautiful hotel? It’s open year round. If you happen to stay in the summer, there’s an outdoor pool and hot-tub waiting for you! (Mom said you can use the pool in the winter too, but I still don’t believe her.) What I’m trying to say is Bear Creek is a great place for both tourists and residents of Lehigh Valley to visit. Bye.

So there you have it Lehigh Valley. The resort is great place for locals and visitors alike. It must be to get a 10-year old to put down her iPad and write her first blog. With great Valentine’s Day events, and their annual Spring Wine & Food Festival coming in early April, I’m sure I’ll see you on the mountain soon. Until then enjoy.