I had the privilege of seeing the Straight No Chaser concert at Musikfest on Thursday. I believe they said there were 5,500 people there, that’s amazing. Megan and I took our seats and before we knew it those 10 talented men were on stage in front of us. Megan had no idea what she was in for. I like to think that she was pleasantly surprised; I witnessed her bust a move a few times.

Straight No Chaser played any and everything you could think of. They started with a Motown medley that got the many heads in the crowd bopping. Another blast from the past was when two of them sang their version of a Rat Pack favorite, “Me and My Shadow.” “This is How We Do It,” “Let’s Get It On,” and the Bee Gees mixed with Stevie Wonder could also be heard flowing through the speakers. When they started to sing Zac Brown’s Band “Chicken Fried,” Megan said “Country. Here goes Kate!” I’m not sure if she was embarrassed or not when I started singing to her a few times.

A highlight was the fact that two of the members were Lehigh Valley natives. I must admit, the LV natives were good, but one of the guys really caught my attention, I could have listened to him all night, I may or may not have referred to him as “my boyfriend” for the remainder of the evening. Said singer, Michael Luginbill, his rendition of “Like a Prayer” was absolutely fabulous. His voice was one of an angel’s, or maybe I’m just biased because he’s “my boyfriend” and all. There were two other songs that stood out to me and that I was pumped to hear them perform: Toto’s “Africa” and “Tainted Love.”

Don’t tell me that you’re not singing at least one of these songs now.