Mobile site includes almost 500 individual destination pages and a comprehensive schedule of events optimized for mobile browsing

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. (Monday, November 14, 2011) – Discover Lehigh Valley has developed and launched an interactive mobile website, Optimized for mobile browsing, this site allows users on the go to explore almost 500 Lehigh Valley destinations and hundreds of events in incredible detail.

“Google predicts that the number of mobile users researching travel is expected to grow 51 percent, and 34 percent of all U.S. smartphone users will research travel from their mobile device,” said Kim Lilly, Executive Vice President of Discover Lehigh Valley. “With numbers like these, we needed to be proactive and create a mobile experience that visitors to the region would find beneficial.”

Discover Lehigh Valley’s mobile site works with any mobile operating system. On the homepage, users can quickly scroll through Lehigh Valley events, getaways and self-guided tours. At the bottom of the homepage, users can browse through travel activities, including places to play, stay or eat.

For example, if someone wanted to find a restaurant in Bethlehem, Pa., they would select the “Eat” navigation icon, choose “Bethlehem area,” select a type of cuisine and choose a restaurant option organized by price. Once an eatery is selected, users see a destination page with pictures, description, location on a map, contact information and a list of nearby attractions. This process can be replicated for lodging or other destinations.

Another key feature on the mobile site is the ability to find out what is going on through the events calendar. By selecting “Find an Event” on the homepage carousel, users can see all of the events happening on that particular day. Future dates can be found by using the date navigation icon at the top of the page. Selecting the “Next” icon will scroll through events happening on the following day.

The iPhone has a feature where users can add Discover Lehigh Valley’s mobile site as a web app on the iPhone home screen. This app takes users directly to the mobile website.

About Discover Lehigh Valley

Discover Lehigh Valley is the designated destination marketing organization of Lehigh and Northampton counties. Its mission is to promote and develop Lehigh Valley as a leisure and business travel destination. Created in 1984, Discover Lehigh Valley assists in promoting regional tourism, an industry that generates $1.5 billion in annual revenue and accounts for more than 22,000 jobs in Lehigh Valley. For more information on Discover Lehigh Valley and its activities or to request a Lehigh Valley Map & Guide, call 1-800-MEET-HERE, or visit the official tourism website of Lehigh Valley at