DLV Annual Awards

Each year Discover Lehigh Valley recognizes and awards nominated organizations and events that impact tourism in a positive way.

Zenith Award, presented to the organization responsible for bringing a meeting to Lehigh Valley that has either the largest economic impact or the largest number of attendees. The award was originally created to provide an incentive for local groups to host their meeting or convention right here in their own backyard. Often, organizations will not bring their meeting here without the involvement of local individuals who are members of the group. These local organizing committees are key to a successful meeting. They do the logistics, organizing, resource development, and itinerary and program planning that go into creating a successful meeting or convention.

Tourism Award, awarded annually to a local business/initiative that joined our Lehigh Valley tourism community in the past year, recognizing new development and product, and aiding to the brand of Lehigh Valley.

Partnership Award, recognizes a partner that consistently goes above and beyond to promote and protect Lehigh Valley's brand. They are loyal and dedicated to working with us, in partnership, to support tourism and drive visitor engagement.

For a list past award recipients click here.