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Valley Preferred Cycling Center of the Lehigh Valley Visions Video
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Video released on: July 8, 2010

Tracey Werner: Welcome to this episode of Lehigh Valley Visions. Today we’re going to see the action, excitement and, even danger, that is professional cycling. At the Valley Preferred Cycling Center here, at Trexlertown, more commonly known as, the Velodrome. Let’s go.

The first stop is for those in the know, is the Breakaway Cafe. From pizza and nachos, to hot pretzels and popcorn, it’s all here. And it’s all organic. That’s right, organic. It almost makes that burger, with the works I’m ordering, sound downright healthy.

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center is one of the most respected and best known cycling centers in the entire world, but they’re the only one in America that offers Olympic level, professional international races, every Friday, during summer.

Track racers can reach speeds of greater than 45 mph in only 200 meters, and average race speeds are 30 to 35 mph, all of a fixed gear bike. That means no coasting and no brakes, on a 333-meter track, with 28-degree banking. Think NASCAR, but without the engine noise.

Marty is an Olympic Gold Medalist and three time world champion. Tell us what it takes to really succeed in professional cycling.

Marty: Well, it takes a lot of hard work. It takes drive and determination, but more importantly, it takes coming from the proper programming, and I was lucky enough to grow up here in Lehigh Valley and come through some of the best programming in the world.

Tracey Werner: And I understand that the Velodrome, all season long, has some great events?

Marty: Yeah, absolutely, we have our World Series of Bicycling event. It’s a 10 race series throughout the summer, featuring several National Championships, but, more importantly, which we’re really proud of, is our Junior National Cycling Championships.

Tracey Werner: Excellent. Thank you for your time.

Marty: Thank you.

Tracey Werner: Professional cyclists come from around the world to race in Trexlertown. The stalls on the infield are a virtual United Nations on race nights. You can hear any number of languages being spoken, as racers prepare for their next heat, while also keeping an eye on the competition.

The vantage point from down here on the infield is absolutely amazing. You can really feel the energy of the race. It’s hard to believe that these people are going over 35 miles an hour on a bike with no brakes. Incredible.

Some of the best seats in the house aren’t seats at all. Regulars stand along the wall and cheer on their favorite racers by banging on the wall in front of them. It makes for quite a racket, but it really drives the racers to victory.

I found a great place from which to watch the race. It’s up here on the footbridge that goes over the cycling track. It displays flags from every country that’s ever sent a racer to the Velodrome. Just think, people are coming from all over the world to race here, and you only have to go as far as Trexlertown. So, discover professional racing when you discover Lehigh Valley. Thanks for joining me for this episode of Lehigh Valley Visions.