The Crayola FACTORY of Lehigh Valley

The Crayola Factory of the Lehigh Valley Visions Video
Lehigh Valley Visions

Video released on: December 1, 2009

Tracery Werner: Welcome to this episode of Lehigh Valley Visions. Today we’re going to take a tour of the Crayola factory in downtown Easton.

I’ve started a little early next door at the Crayola Store with some shopping, and look at what I found. It’s the world’s largest crayon. It took 123,000 donated blue crayons sent in from children all across the country to make it. It’s 15-feet long, has a 16-inch circumference, and weighs 1500 pounds. That’s one heck of a crayon.

I’m heading next door to the Crayola factory for a tour. Do you mind if I leave these here?

Female Speaker: Sure, no problem. That would be fine.

Tracery Werner: I’ll be back in a little bit.

Female Speaker: Okay, I’ll see you in a while.

Tracery Werner: Thanks. The first stop on your tour of the Crayola factory has to be the crayon manufacturing exhibit. This 15-minute demonstration takes place every half hour on the facility’s second floor. Watch as the technician shows you how they mix pigment with hot wax and pour it into a mold to make Crayola’s famous crayons.

Be sure to pick up a sample four pack before heading over to the Crayola wall of fame where you can see the sweater that Mr. Rogers wore when he helped to mold the 100-billionth crayon. Don’t forget to redeem some of the tokens you received at registration for free Crayola products to take home with you. The Crayola factory features different exhibits throughout the year with fun, educational themes like this one, dinosaurs.

In the model magic section kids and parents can do fun, hands on projects together like this one using a fabric marker to color a tee shirt, tote bag, or placemat. They make great keepsakes.

The Crayola meltdown lets kids paint with melted wax in more than a dozen colors. Just take a whiff of that familiar aroma of crayons. On your way out, check out the what’s hot booth which showcases the latest Crayola brand products in stores.

Chalk walk is a popular spot where kids can try out Crayola’s colored chalk and turn the sidewalk into an artistic canvas. Further down the hall is the Crayola after dark exhibit. Here special light wands let kids and parents draw cool designs and shadow prints on special screens.

One of my favorite things to do at the Crayola factory is probably the simplest – to color. Here at the crayon carousel there are dozens of colors to choose from and lots of paper to get creative on.

Child: Hey, you’re not supposed to color outside the lines.

Tracery Werner: Oops. Little kids have a special place of their very own at color park. Here they can crawl through tunnels, play, and drop colorful balls in the machine.

Cool moves is another popular exhibit where you are the art work. Just move around in front of the special lights and watch as you are projected onto the screen in a psychedelic kaleidoscope of colors and shapes.

What I like best about the inside out exhibit is that I get to use these special glass markers to write on the walls without getting yelled at by my mom. What’s even better than that is that the markers clean off the walls very easily with just soap and water.

The creative studio gives kids and parents another opportunity to do a hands-on project together. Activities change regularly, so you’ll get to do a new project every time you visit.

On the facility’s third floor is the National Canal Museum. Included in your admission to the Crayola factory, this museum is the only one in the country dedicated to telling the story of America’s historic towpath canals. It teaches kids about the important roles that canals played in the country’s early development of commerce. It features four galleries full of hands on exhibits that educate and entertain kids and parents alike.

My favorite exhibit at the National Canal Museum is this one, water works. I get a canal boat of my very own to load with cargo so I can move it along the 90-foot model canal through incline planes and locks toward my destination.

Speaking of destinations, I left everything over at the Crayola Store. I better go get it.

Female Speaker: Wow, you must have had fun.

Tracery Werner: Actually, I got a little carried away. I had a blast.

Female Speaker: Oh, well, here’s your stuff.

Tracery Werner: Thanks for holding it for me. I appreciate it.

Female Speaker: Sure, no problem. Have a nice day.

Tracery Werner: Thank you. You, too. Well, that concludes our tour of the Crayola factory in downtown Easton. Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of Lehigh Valley Visions.