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Video released on: June 9, 2014

Hello, and welcome to this edition of Lehigh Valley Visions. I’m your host, George Wacker, and we’re here on the grounds of the beautiful Sayre Mansion in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Bethlehem is a unique city in that it has two distinct parts, a North and a South. Today we’ll be exploring the burgeoning Southside and we’ll have a special guest who will show us the city’s flourishing arts and music scene. We’ll also look at some restaurants and shops and see what there is to do after dark. Welcome to Bethlehem.

We’re starting our South Bethlehem journey at Godfrey Daniels Listening Room at 7 East Fourth Street. Godfrey Daniels is almost forty years old and is one of only a handful of listening rooms left in the United States. Now we have a special guest on hand, Dr. Sheila White, Professor and Arts Administrator at Lehigh University, to tell us a little bit more. So you can tell us what you do in the community?

Sheila White: Sure, George. I help the students find their creative and artistic muscle, and also explore the arts scene off campus, right here in South Bethlehem.

George Wacker: Why is Godfrey Daniels such an important place?

Shiela White: Well, it’s an amazing spot for the students to just get off campus, get away from their computers and have an intimate experience here with the artists right here on stage.

George Wacker: All right, Sheila, we’re on your home turf, we’re at the Zoellner Art Center at Lehigh University. What sets this place apart from the rest of South Bethlehem?

Shiela White: It’s a combination building. It’s an academic building for the Music Department and the Department of Theater. We also have an art gallery.

George Wacker: So what kind of performances can you see here?

Sheila White: You have theater to Broadway musicals. There’s things happening here all the time. If not here at Lehigh, or at Zoellner, South Bethlehem’s got it.

George Wacker: Okay, Sheila, so where are we now?

Sheila White: This is Touchstone Theater on the other side of East Fourth Street in South Bethlehem.

George Wacker: I heard that the shows are a lot of fun. Can you tell us about one of them?

Sheila White: The best show, and it’s not Christmas without it, is the Christmas Follies. It’s like a vaudeville show, variety show, but what is neat about it is how it spins what’s happened in the last year here in the Bethlehem community. It’s a riot. You got to see it.

George Wacker: Sounds like a lot of fun. So let’s take a little bit more of a look around.

Okay, Sheila, we’re here at the Banana Factory, a visual arts center. Can you tell us what goes on here?

Sheila White: Well, there’s art classes here and artists who have their studios here on the second and third floor, and a lovely gallery on the first floor.

George Wacker: I heard there’s glass blowing?

Sheila White: Absolutely. Glassblowing, jewelry making, classes in drawing, pottery, sculpture, you name it, it’s here.

George Wacker: On the first Friday of every month you can even come here and tour some of the artists studios?

Sheila White: Yeah. They’re there to talk to you about their art.

George Wacker: Well, I want to thank you so much for showing us around some of the arts locations in South Bethlehem. Now we’re going to go to some restaurants and other places to see what you can do before and after some of these great events.

Sheila White: Sounds great.

George Wacker: Step back in time at the Bookstore, a 1920’s speakeasy located at 336 Adams Street, featuring lavish cocktails, exquisite beer, sumptuous small and large plates, a vast cheese menu and live jazz. This is the place you want to spend your evening.

Located at 217 Broadway, the Broadway Social is the place where whimsey and gastronomical delights go hand in hand. Consider them the modern American gastro pub, where the food is as important as the drink and you can find yourself in a comfortable limbo between bar, restaurant and lounge. They are your charming neighborhood watering hole.

Thanks for coming with us to South Bethlehem. We hope you had a great time and we’ll see you next time.