Pet Friendly Locations in Lehigh Valley – Trexler Park

Pet Friendly Locations in the Lehigh Valley - Trexler Park
Pet Friendly

Video released on: January 9, 2012

Rayne Reitnauer: Hi, I’m Rayne Reitnauer, veterinary technician, dog trainer, and your tour guide as we visit pet-friendly locations throughout the valley.

We’re at Trexler Park, a pet-friendly city park in Allentown. Trexler Park is centrally located, has abundant free parking, paved walking trails, which are suitable for all fitness levels of human or dog.

The inner loop is 1.25 miles long, but optional outer loops can add incline and distance to your walk. The park even offers necessities on-site, poop bags in two locations and trash cans throughout the park.

Special rules also keep the park predictable for your dog. Six foot leashes are required and bikes are limited to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The Little Cedar Creek flows through the park and passes the springhouse. Built in 1741, the springhouse was the summer home of the Trexler family. A successful businessman, earning his fortune in the lumber business, General Harry Clay Trexler left the 134 acre park to the city of Allentown in his will. He also established a trust in that builds and continues to support the city of Allentown’s park system.

General Trexler’s statue sits at the highest point of the park, overlooking much of the park he created.

While you’re here, it’s a great place to test your dog’s skills. Practice training by greeting people and other dogs, use the distractions to your advantage, like the pretty pond with ducks.

For more information on Trexler Park, check out the Allentown City website at Click on the link for Parks and Recreation on the left side of the page.

I’m Rayne Reitnauer, veterinary technician and owner of Cold Nose Lodge. Join us on our next pet-friendly stop soon.