Pet Friendly Locations in Lehigh Valley – Lehigh Parkway, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Pet Friendly Locations in Lehigh Valley - Lehigh Parkway Allentown Pennsylvania Hunters Cabin
Pet Friendly

Video released on: September 10, 2013

Rayne Reitnaeur: Welcome to the largest and one of the prettiest parks in Allentown, Lehigh Parkway. It’s a paradise for young and old, human and canine. Dogs are allowed in the park, but must be leashed, and all accidents must be cleaned up. Plastic bags are available throughout to make the job a little easier.

The parkway follows the Little Lehigh Creek and, on a beautiful day, is filled with folks ready for some outdoor fitness.

There are more than six miles of mostly cinder trails and no cars are allowed. It’s a prime spot for walkers, joggers, bikers, fishermen and even horses.

With ample parking, you can start by feeding the fish at the Little Lehigh fish nursery,which raises thousands of trout each year to stock area streams.

Once you head out for your walk you’ll come upon the oldest covered bridge in Lehigh County, and one of the oldest in the nation, Bogert’s. It dates back to 1841, and spans 145 feet over the Little Lehigh. Bogert’s is one of seven covered bridges located in Lehigh Valley and is part of the self-guided driving tour.

At one end of the bridge, you’ll also see Hunters cabin. It was built around 1740 and is one of 22 cabins highlighted as part of the Lehigh County log cabin trail.

For a little more culture along the route, explore the Museum of Indian Culture or take in one of their festivals. While dogs aren’t permitted at this annual roasting ears of corn Native American festival, you’ll see authentic dancers, demonstrations and get to try foods from that time.

The Parkway also plays host to Allentown annual holiday light display, Lights in the Parkway, a must-do during the Christmas season.

No matter what the season or whether you’re here to exercise or to relax with a picnic lunch, it’s a lovely spot by the Little Lehigh, worth a visit with your best furry friend.