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The Colony Meadery Live Like A Local Video
Live Like A Local

Video released on: May 5, 2014

George: Hi, this is George and we’re here at the Colony Meadery in Allentown. We’re going to show you how to live like a local here by showing you what mead is all about, seeing how it’s made, and sampling a little bit of it, too. Let’s get to it.

Hi, we’re here with co-owner Greg and he’s going to tell us a little about what these things are.

Greg: These are our giant tanks. This is where we put water, honey, and yeast. They go in here keep the jacket and keep the fermentation temperature down. They’re going to ferment anywhere from a week to a couple of months depending on the strength of the mead.

George: Okay, so we moved from the big vat to the smaller ones. Greg, can you tell us what goes on in here?

Greg: Sure, so after we move from the big tanks we put them into these smaller ones and that’s where we’re going to add any type of flavorings, any conditioning, clarifying, filtering we need to do to have the mead come out tasting finished and looking great.

George: Now let’s make some mead.

Michael: Filtered water in the tank and now I’m going to dump in 120 pounds of honey for this batch. This just blends the honey and the water together. From here, I’ll pitch the yeast after I get about the right sugar content.

George: Now, on to the tasting.

Greg: It’s going to include a first few of these meads. If we start you out with a dry varietal that we have, a Tupelo honey, called the Tupelo Concession Stand grow, they can do the straight no chaser. Then our hopped flagship mead, the Woopie Dog, Piquant Field which is a strawberry kiwi dry mead, then we end up with Momeado, which is a Mojito in here, mint and lime. Then we sort of lead you, can do a bunch of the imperials, the seasonals, different things, small batch stuff. Then at the end we bring you back because the ginger mead, is going to be the last thing that you taste for a while. It’s got so much ginger in it, the people told us we had to keep it as the last taste. It’s going to be a much more…

Woman: Wildflower, you said?

Greg: It’s really rich and sassy.

Woman: Oh, that’s delicious, yeah. This might be my favorite. Do I smell it and swirl it like wine?

George: Thanks for coming with us to Colony Meadery in Allentown. Be sure to come in and get a tasting and leave with your own mead. We’ll see you next time.