Live Like a Local – Social Still in Bethlehem, PA

Live Like a Local - Social Still in Bethlehem, PA
Live Like A Local

Video released on: January 3, 2015

George: Hello and welcome to this episode of Live Like a Local! I’m your host George Wacker, and we’re here at the Social Still in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The Social Still is a brand new distillery and the first one in Bethlehem. So we’re going to take a look around and tell you what you can expect when you come here. Let’s check it out.

Social Still is Bethlehem’s first distillery and is something that most spirit lovers can enjoy. Currently, Social Still serves vodka and gin with rum, whiskey, bourbon, and tequila to be made in the future. The distillery also has about 10 signature cocktails, so it’s not just for those who like their liquor straight. Social Still also features small plates including flat bread pizzas, paninis, meat and cheese plates, and more.

Okay, we’re here with the owner of Social Still, Adam Flat. And Adam, can you tell us what someone can expect when they come in to Social Still for the first time and kind of what makes this different from other places in the area?

Adam: All right. We are Social Still. We’re distilling on the south side of Bethlehem. We are a micro distillery specializing right now in vodka and gin. And we also have a kitchen where you can have small plate tapas style food and an amazing bar with hand crafted signature cocktails. We can make anything that is traditional as well as if you want to try some of our special cocktails. You can sit down as a group or come in as an individual, and we have a mixture of the distillery experience as well as the restaurant experience.

George: If someone comes in and they just say, “Hey, I want to try a flight” for lack of a better term, of vodkas or distilled spirits, what can they expect or what do they do?

Adam: Right now on the menu we have an item called The Tease, which is a half a shot of vodka and half a shot of gin and people can try out our product. As well as if you want to feel more comfortable trying it in a cocktail setting which may be more familiar to you, you can try it in that. And as our list grows, that tease will also grow, so you can try new things.

George: So we’re really thankful that they took the time to make us all these fantastic drinks, but we’re not going to let them go to waste, of course. So, cheers!

Social Still is located in a former bank building. So, there are interesting items like this vault door, which was a lot harder to stop than it was to get moving. You can also dine within the vault, which is a lot of fun.

Can you tell us why you decided to open up in Bethlehem and what attracted you to this area?

Adam: Sure, we knew the foot traffic in Bethlehem was exciting. We’d been on the north side with our Franklin Hill Vineyard wine shop for 17 years. So we decided Bethlehem was a great home for our distillery. And these historic buildings on the south side was the perfect home for our new facility. And we just thought it really was romantic, unique, sexy, and stylish for what we are doing.

George: And you can also purchase Franklin Hill Wines inside the distillery.

Thanks for watching this episode of Live Like a Local! We hope you come down to Social Still in south side Bethlehem and check it out. You can also buy your very own distilled vodka from Bethlehem and take it home. See you next time.