Live Like a Local – Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center

Live Like a Local - Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center
Live Like A Local

Video released on: May 1, 2014

Hello, this is George. We are here at the Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center in Allentown. We’re going to show you how to Live Like a Local here. There is a lot of fun events and activities that go on. let’s go check it out.

When you walk into the Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center, everything seems to be in motion. That’s because athletes throughout the day are using pretty much every part of the center itself. The center caters to athletes of all ages, starting from one year old up until people in their ’70s. The Parkettes began in the late 1960s, founded by Bill and Donna Strauss. After working from humble beginnings, the training center is one of the most elite in the world, and it’s all tucked away in Martin Luther King Boulevard in Allentown.

The Parkettes organization provides the finest in gymnastics training to more than 1200 local children. They participate to have fun while developing physical fitness, coordination, strength, and flexibility. For the gymnast who is interested in competing, there are numerous different teams. There is also one-on-one training. This is handled on an individual basis. Bottom line, it’s hard work, but it’s a lot of fun too.

The Parkettes are known for their national elite gymnasts. In 1986 Parkettes Gymnasts took the first, second, and fourth places at the National Championships. In 1998, in 1999 Kristen Maloney won the United States National Senior All-Around gold, and in 2000 she competed at the Olympics winning a bronze medal. In 2002, Vanessa Meloche, a Canadian gymnast at the Parkettes, finished third at the Canadian Championships and first on the uneven bars.

That’s only a very small snippet of some of the great champions who’ve come through the Parkettes. We were lucky enough to see Elizabeth Price. She’s currently ranked number one in the world in the All-Around. She will attend Stanford in the fall of 2014. For 40 years the Parkettes have been offering class scholarships to families who are in need of financial assistance. Thus enabling more children to participate and benefit from the Parkette program. For more information, be sure to visit or give them a call. Thanks for joining us on this Live Like a Local. We’ll see you next time.