Live Like a Local – Lehigh Valley Wine Trail

Live Like a Local - Lehigh Valley Wine Trail
Live Like A Local

Video released on: July 16, 2014

George: Hi, this is George and welcome to Live Like a Local. We have a special one today. We’re out on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. We’re going to visit a few wineries and we’re also going to tell about a couple others. We’re going to head to Galen Glen, Vynecrest, and Tolino’s. We’re going to find out what makes them special. We’re going to sample some wines and look at the beautiful scenery. So let’s get to it.

Hello, we’re here in Galen Glen Winery with Kathy Matson, the tasting room manager. Thank you for having us.

Kathy: Great George. Thanks for coming in today.

George: Can you tell us a little bit about what makes Galen Glen special from all the other wineries everywhere.

Kathy: Galen Glen, the farm has actually been in the family about 225 years. Galen is the sixth generation to farm the land and we look forward to having the seventh generation here too as the kids are coming up from college and working in the vineyard now. We are primarily known for our Germanic style whites. We are the first vineyard in Pennsylvania to plant the Gruner Veltliner grape. We’re also known for our Riesling’s and Gewurztraminer and Zweigelt which is a red Austrian grape.

From up there you can enjoy the view. We offer wine by the glass or [inaudible 00:01:25] for those who want to spend an afternoon sitting outside. We often have food trucks and other things going on so people can enjoy some snacks and meals or they can bring their own.

George: Hi, we’re here at Vynecrest Winery with one of the owners, Sam Landis. And Sam, you have a pretty unique room. Can you kind of tell us a little bit more about it?

Sam: Yeah. I think what sets us apart is, the facilities here, it’s an old Swiss bank bar and people always comment on the outside when they come in they’d be like, “I didn’t know it’d be this nice inside.”

This room itself is the basement of the old Swiss bank bar. We’ve renovated it to a wine bar that’s open daily. It seems to be very popular as opposed to other wineries where you could just do a tasting.

We do two different Riesling’s here. Our climate I think suits itself more consistently for white wines than reds in terms of what we can really excel in and so we’ve been doing two Riesling’s now for about five years. One is a dry Riesling showing off a lot of the acidity and the crispness to it and the other one’s a semi-sweet which has intense residual sugar. The main thing event is we’re actually celebrating our 40th anniversary, July 19th and 20th. We’re going to have a tent, we’re going to have live music, we’re going to have a food truck and we’re just going to celebrate it and just look back and really soak it all in.

George: Hi, we made it into Tolino Vineyards in Bangor and we’re here with owner Carl Tolino. Can you tell me a little bit about what makes Tolino Vineyards unique?

Carl: We’d like to be known for our high quality wines, dryer bridal styles. More of the traditional wine drinker wines. As our second year in sales and our seventh year in wine.

George: Okay so we’re going to take a look around. So let’s get to it.

Carl: Okay.

This is our 2010 Cabernet Franc. This is the one we won the double gold and governor’s cup, for best dry wine in the state, in the Pennsylvania Farm Show Wine competition. You’re going to have a real complex nose. You’re going to have lots of cherry, blackberry, some tea leaf spice, a little bit of mocha in there. Very bold cherry and oak spice body.

George: Thank you for joining us on this episode of Live Like a Local. We hope you’ve had a lot of fun on these Lehigh Wine Trail spots. We hope you can come out to some of them or check out some of others. We’ll see you next time.