Live Like a Local : Lehigh Valley Skate Parks

Northwestern Skate Park - New Tripoli
Live Like A Local

Video released on: May 14, 2015

George: Hi and welcome to this episode Live Like a Local. I’m your host George Wacker and we’re here today at the Bethlehem Skateplaza. We’re going to show you this skate plaza and other one’s throughout the Lehigh Valley and show you how much fun they can be. So let’s get to it.

Bethlehem Skateplaza located at 1325 Steel Avenue is open year round, sun up to sun down and is quickly become an important cultural location on the cities south side as well as preeminent skating location in the Lehigh Valley. Open at 2010, the Bethlehem Skateplaza is immense in size and progressive in design. It was a vision by the city and local community activist to address a need of community and desires of action sports enthusiast to exercise a safe secure environment.

All right, we’re here with Andy Po, the owner of the Homebase and one of the community activist behind this skate park. Andy, can you tell us why skate parks like this are important to the community?

Andy: Definitely. It’s great to have skate parks in a community because you already have so many kids that ride skateboards, that ride BMX bikes. And if it wasn’t for the skate park, they would be out in the streets, destroying public property. So instead of having in the city of Bethlehem criminalized these kids for doing something that they are very passionate about, something that keeps them active in outdoors, the city of Bethlehem has chosen to provide a world-class facility like the Bethlehem Skateplaza to give these kids to choose to instead of playing basketball, instead of playing football, soccer, they want to skateboard, they want to ride BMX bikes. So city of Bethlehem has given a great place to like keep these kids active and also out of trouble.

George: The Forks Township Skate Park located at 1606 Sullivan Trail at the Forks Township Community Center, open in 2013, has been a popular spot ever since. The Forks Township Recreation and Public Works Department worked to put the park together to provide a space for local skaters to skate in a safe area. The park is also open from dawn to dusk and some skaters have even seen there as earlier as 7:00 a.m.

Other parks to check out include the Nazareth Skate Park and Penn Skate in Allentown.

Thanks for watching this episode of Live Like a Local. We’ll see you next time.