Live Like a Local – Kids Quest and Cyber Quest in Bethlehem

Kids Quest and Cyber Quest in Bethlehem Live Like A Local Video
Live Like A Local

Video released on: September 4, 2014

George: Hello, and welcome to this episode of Live Like a Local. We’re here at Kids Quest and Cyber Quest located in the Sands Outlets, and we’re here with two lucky youngsters who are going to be playing some games today for us and showing what this great complex is all about. So who do we have with us?

Noah: Noah Hogan.

Josh: And I’m Josh Crenplay.

George: All right guys, get playing. Kids Quest and Cyber Quest are located in the Sands Outlets in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and while they share the same space, they each have their own fun appeal. Cyber Quest is an arcade fit for kids of any age. It’s a cutting edge, high tech game center, and even the kid who thinks that they played it all will still appreciate the variety. Adults will also be impressed with the play value that Cyber Quest offers. There are brand new video games, crane games, ticket games, skee ball – my favorite – and awesome prizes. The best thing for parents, Cyber Quest is a non-violent, family friendly arcade. Cyber Quest prides itself on family values and building children self-esteem. Cyber Quest is open until 11 p.m. Sunday though Thursday and 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Hello, we’re here with Danielle Robinson, who is the director of Kids Quest. And Danielle, can you tell us a little bit about what Kids Quest is and who comes here?

Danielle: I would love to. Kids Quest is a children’s entertainment facility, so as opposed to it being just a supervised hourly drop off center or a place where people are just leaving their kids, we actually have them come and play with us and have a great time with them. We do arts and crafts with them. We sing on the karaoke stage. We play dress up. We go down the activities. We do a rock climbing wall. We do it all and it’s for the kids, so when they come in, we already have regulars that have been coming back. They love to come in and play with us. They love our staff. We’re here for the children. We’re all about safety, security and most importantly, having fun. And that’s what were here for, so we hope that you’re able to come in, check us out, and see exactly what it is to be part of the Kids Quest experience, and really what it’s like to be able to have that entertainment for the kids while you have to get to have free time for you.

George: Kids Quest is designed to be a place where kids are physically and mentally engaged with age-appropriate play events. Parents love Kids Quest because they can entrust their children to Kids Quest care with complete confidence. This allows parents to use their free time to better handle busy schedules, cope with crazy lifestyles, or just take a break and have some free time and relax and re-energize.

Thanks for joining us at Cyber Quest and Kids Quest. Be sure to check out their website for more information, and we hope to see you down here having fun.