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Crystal Cave Live Like A Local
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Video released on: July 25, 2015

Katie: Hi, and welcome to this episode of Live Like a Local. I’m your host Katie and today, we’re here at Crystal Cave. We’re going to head out to the cave in a little bit and see what’s inside. First, we’re going to start here in the gift shop to grab our tickets.


Man: Hi. How can I help you?

Katie: Can I have one admission for one for the tour please?

Man: Sure.

Katie: So we’re here at Crystal Cave with Doug. Doug, can you tell us a little about your responsibilities here?

Doug: Yes. My name is Doug Miller. I am the Assistant Manager here at Crystal Cave. I’m responsible for day to day operations.

Katie: Can you tell us a little bit about the cave itself?

Doug: Sure.

Katie: What people can see inside?

Doug: Crystal Cave was discovered actually on November 12, 1871 by two farmers, John Garrett and William Rickle. And they were using dynamite. And one time, one day, they accidentally blasted open the entrance to Crystal Cave. It always at 54 degrees, on average.

Katie: All year round?

Doug: All year round, when it’s hot outside like it is today…

Katie: Sounds like a great option.

Doug: …it’s a great way to cool off in the cave.

Katie: All right, awesome! So we’re going to hop on a tour here and head inside the cave.

Doug: We call this stalagmite our Ice Cream Cone formation. It is approximately 84,000 years old. And we call it our Ice Cream Cone because it looks like somebody took an ice cream cone and dumped it upside down. While it looks like you can eat it, you really can’t.

…ice cream cone, but please don’t touch. We don’t allow anybody to touch formations. But we do have Hershey’s ice cream in our ice cream parlor, and you’re welcome to have that.

Katie: Definitely have to stop there on our way out.

Doug: It says C.W. Snyder and Sanders and the year 1871 right beneath their name.

Katie: Hi. So as a dancer, I’ve heard that this space is a really good spot for me to hang out. Doug, can you tell us a little bit about where we are now?

Doug: We’re now at the deepest underground you go. And this is our Crystal Ballroom so it’s perfect for dancing.

Katie: Thanks.

Doug: We don’t do dancing anymore in here, but it is a perfect spot for it. There used to be hoedowns and square dances in here.

Katie: So Doug, I know you said when we were in the Crystal Ballroom earlier that when stalactites and stalagmites meet, they form a column.

Doug: If you look against the wall where my light is shining, this is a column. Again, that’s stalagmite and a stalactite meet.

Katie: Okay.

Doug: This is the largest formation in our cave. It’s 14 and a half feet long. And according to scientists, it’s about half a million years old.

The only way to go through the cave is on a walking-guided tour. It’s about an hour long.

You guys look down there where out red light is. That is what we call Devil’s Den.

And tour times are based on when people arrive. With all our buildings and activities, this is a great place to bring a family. You can easily spend several hours doing everything on our property.

Katie: Thanks for watching this episode of Live Like A Local. Doug promised me some ice cream when we were inside the cave, so we’re going to take care of that now. We’ll see you next time.