Live Like a Local : Bear Creek

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Hiking Trails Video
Live Like A Local

Video released on: August 12, 2015

Kaitie: Hi. Welcome to this episode of Live Like A Local. I’m your host Kaitie, and today we’re here at Bear Creek Mountain Resort where there’s plenty of fun to be had year round. Today we’re gonna try our hand at some hiking, biking and lots more. So let’s get to it.

We’re here today, and we’re gonna do some outdoor fun in the Summer time because even when there’s not snow on the ground at Bear Creek, there’s still tons to do. So, can you give us an idea of what we’re gonna get into today?

Jeff: Sure. There’s a lot of great recreation options here. There’s hiking and biking trails. We have seven miles of hiking and biking trails here. The hiking and biking trails are great. They have different options for people of all abilities. So we actually have some areas that used to be former mining roads that are very flat and easy to use. And then we also have some that are very technical and very steep and rocky. Really it spans the whole spectrum.

Kaitie: So, today I’m gonna learn something new. We’re gonna try a little bit of disc golf. So, can you tell us a little bit, like what I’m gonna try when I’m out on the course?

Jeff: Yeah. So, the course is a very wooded course. So, it goes through the hiking and biking trail area, and there’s 18 holes of it.

Kaitie: Killing it. Fresh on disc golf.

Jeff: There’s a lot of variety in the course too. So I mean there’s some holes that are really long, and you really have to have a good arm.

Kaitie: You’re supposed to get it in there in three shots? Wow, we’re really bad at this.

Jeff: And then there’s some holes that are a little shorter and easier to … easily accessible.

Kaitie: Okay. Those ones might be more my speed.

Jeff: That’s right. Yup.

Kaitie: So, if you’re not one for hiking and biking, what other options do we have here?

Jeff: We have lighted tennis courts. So, the tennis courts are very nice. There’s basketball hoops up there as well, and you can play tennis all night. The courts are lit up, so they’re accessible any time of day.

Kaitie: Great.

Jeff: The hotel here was built in 2004, and then we had a second phase added in 2007. We have a great spa. We have outdoor seating, so people basically come here, relax. Usually it’s a very quiet atmosphere, very serene atmosphere here. So, we have two restaurants. We have 118 hotel rooms. We have indoor and outdoor hot tubs. And we also have an indoor and outdoor pool, and the outdoor pool is actually heated, so it can be used all year.

Kaitie: I know in addition to the regular summer fun here, biking, hiking, disc golf and everything, there’s a ton of events that go on here too.

Jeff: Right. We have a full calendar of events. I’d say it’s highlighted by a great Oktoberfest event that we have, which is actually September 20 this year. We have a cheese and garlic festival that’s in August. We have two wine festivals that we have, one that’s in the Spring and one that’s in the Fall, which are very popular as well.

Kaitie: Right, right.

Jeff: So, there’s always events going on. We have live music on the deck outside at the restaurant every Thursday night throughout the summer. So, we try to have things going on all year for people to come and visit.

Kaitie: Great. Thanks for watching this episode of Live Like A Local. After a long day, we’re gonna cool off in the pool. We’ll see you next time.