Live Like a Local at Christkindlmarkt

Live Like a Local at Christkindlmarkt Video
Live Like A Local

Video released on: November 25, 2013

Hi, this is George. We’re here at Christkindlmarkt, which is one of the top holiday markets in the world. We’re here to show you some of the great crafts they have here. We’re at South Bethlehem on Arts Quest Steel Stacks Campus and were going get inside and buy some Christmas presents. Let’s go.

Recognized in 2007 as one of the top holiday markets in the world by Travel Leisure Magazine, Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem showcases aisles of exquisite hand made works by some of the nation’s finest artisans. One of the cool things your can do at Christkindlmarkt is make your own glass ornament with the help of their glass blowing experts and Katy here is going to make one of these beautiful things and were going to follow her along the way.

We can’t forget the food at Christkindlmarkt either and there’s a lot of it with a lot of variety. There’s also some holiday favorites such as roasted almonds and of course there’s also local wine.

It wouldn’t be Christkindlmarkt without master craftsmen and most of the time you’re going be able to see them make their stuff right in front of you.

I thank you for coming with us to Christkindlmarkt , its going to be another fantastic year, so from Santa and me, Merry Christmas and happy holidays and happy new year.