Hellertown – Live Like a Local with George

Hellertown - Live Like a Local with George Video
Live Like A Local

Video released on: April 1, 2013

Hi, it’s George. We’re here at Hellertown. We want to show you just a couple of places we always like to stop in at when we come in here. I’m going to start first with the Braveheart Highland Pub. The Braveheart is about as close as you can get to Scotland without actually going there. Their menu is as authentic as you can get locally. There are a lot of beers on top and they even have their own Scotch lounge where they have tastings from time to time. Now Hellertown is unique. It has one of the longest main streets and then we have alley and on Main Street you can find a lot of great places to go shop and eat, including the Crossroads Hotel which is famous for its pizza.

Heading back down main street, we wanted to hit up somewhere a little bit sweeter. Dolce Patisserie is owned by Alan Pitotti who actually won Sweet Genius which was a show on Food Network in January and a $10,000 prize. Alan is a graduate of Northampton Community College and makes everything you see here from scratch, and yes, it is as good as it looks. Thanks for joining us on our quick trip on Hellertown. There is obviously a lot more to see and do so we recommend heading downtown but especially if you want to get up and see Lost River Caverns but that’s probably another video in itself.