DISHcover Lehigh Valley – Porter’s Pub in Easton, Pennsylvania

Porter's - Front Door
DISHcover Lehigh Valley

Video released on: August 1, 2014

Kim: Hi, I’m Kim, Executive Vice President at Discover Lehigh Valley. I’m a graduate of the CIA. No, not that CIA. The Culinary Institute of America. I’ve got the perfect recipe to uncover the best dining and dishes in Lehigh Valley. Let’s go! Today I’m on one of the stops of the Lehigh Valley Ale Trail, Porters’ Pub and Restaurant, located in Easton on Northampton and Seventh Street. Let’s go in and meet the owner, Larry. I love the vibe of this place. When you walk in, immediately, it’s like you’re taking a step back in time. Can you tell me a little bit about how this place came about?

Larry: Sure, sure. My brothers and I, there’s three of us, bought the place in the late 80s, and it was probably the worst dive in the city at the time. Everybody thought we were crazy, but we completely renovated, all new plumbing, electric, new floors, all the woodwork we built.

Kim: Were you in the restaurant business before this, or?

Larry: No, actually, I swore I would never be in the restaurant business, and here we are.

Kim: Here you are.

Larry: Years later. Love it. Love it. It’s a great business.

Kim: One of the most unique features of this place, I think, is the mugs on the ceiling.

Larry: Yeah, yeah.

Kim: Can you tell me a little bit about how one might get one of those?

Larry: Sure. Yeah, right now, we’ve got 4200 mug holders, and to earn a mug, basically all you do is drink the beer on our beer list.

Kim: Very nice.

Larry: We have about 150 different kinds of beer, but we’ve narrowed it down to 60 for the mug list, and once you complete all 60 of those beers, you get your own mug. It’s got our logo cast in one side. We’ll engrave whatever you want on the other side, hang it from the ceiling, or take it home.

Kim: Where do you start with 150 beers?

Larry: Start with number 1 and go to number 60, and you’ll get so many different styles.

Kim: It’s a great concept to get them coming back.

Larry: Yeah, it’s almost like a loyalty program, you know?

Kim: So what kind of pub fare might people find here?

Larry: We don’t have fryers.

Kim: Okay.

Larry: Okay, so there’s no chicken tenders or mozzarella sticks or french fries. Even our chicken wings are grilled.

Kim: That sound great.

Larry: The sandwiches are all fresh bread. We literally get a bread delivery every day, a produce delivery every day. We do soups, salads, sandwiches, all from scratch.

Kim: What are some of the favorites of your customers?

Larry: Our burger is amazing. There’s a rib eye and a black eye, and we slice off pieces of rib eye and make a grilled steak sandwich.

Kim: Sounds really good.

Larry: That’s really popular. Oh, thank you, Derek.

Kim: Oh, lovely.

Larry: Derek made this for you. This is our portobello mushroom sandwich. Patio portobello. We heard you really enjoy mushrooms.

Kim: Oh, no, I really do not, but thank you, chef. You’re making me try mushrooms, which I don’t like. That was so nice of you.

Larry: Your crew put me up to that.

Kim: Figures. Thanks, guys. So I’m really not a beer connoisseur, but I really wanna know a little bit more about it. Can you help George and I, who I brought along today, get started?

Larry: I would love to.

Kim: George, here, thinks he’s an expert in beer tasting.

George: I brought my own Lehigh Valley Ale Trail glass.

Larry: Let me get you some beer to taste. I’ll bring out three different kinds. You guys have to guess the predominate flavor in the beer, and we’ll go three rounds, and you get a point for each round.

Kim: Sounds good.

George: I can do that.

Kim: You ready? Taking you down, George.

Larry: So this is a very unique style of beer. See what you think about that.

Kim: Raspberry.

Larry: Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Kim: Sorry, George.

Larry: This is a raspberry lambic.

George: That’s really good.

Kim: That’s very good.

Larry: Fermented with a wild yeast.

Kim: It doesn’t even taste like beer.

George: No.

Larry: There you go.

George: You can enjoy beer as well.

Larry: Here we go. Ready for round two?

Kim: Absolutely.

George: Yes.

Larry: Go ahead.

George: This is more my style. Do you taste chocolate in there?

Larry: There you go.

Kim: Definitely.

Larry: Sam Smith’s organic chocolate stout.

Kim: Okay, I was gonna say stout.

Larry: Looks like we stand at one to one right now. Here’s another very interesting beer for you guys to try.

George: It’s bananas.

Larry: You got it.

Kim: Really? No. It is almost like banana bread.

George: Yeah.

Larry: That’s what it’s called, banana bread beer. That’s a bonus point, so we stand at two to two.

George: That’s fine.

Larry: Here’s our tiebreaker.

Kim: Okay. Wow. That’s very unique.

Larry: Some type of fruit, on the bitter side?

Kim: It is bitter. Very bitter.

Larry: It’s grapefruit.

Kim and George: Grapefruit?

Kim: Yes. So we both lose. Well, we both tied.

Larry: You both win. Everybody’s a winner.

Kim: Well, I like the way Larry thinks.

Larry: Thank you guys for coming down, and you’re both four beers closer to your own Porters’ Pub mug.

Kim: Cheers.

George: Let’s make it five.

Kim: All right. So you have pirate. So you have pirate? I can’t say it.

Larry: Come back for some dinner and a good show. Maybe some special mushrooms. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, special mushrooms.