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Video released on: June 27, 2014

Kim: Hi. I’m Kim, Executive Vice President at Discover Lehigh Valley. I’m a graduate of the CIA. No, not that CIA. The Culinary Institute of America. I’ve got the perfect recipe to uncover the best dining and dishes in Lehigh Valley. Let’s go.

Welcome to Corked Wine Bar and Steak House. I’m here today with Joe, chef and owner. Today Joe’s gonna give us a little tip in the kitchen on how to prepare beef tips risotto. Are you ready Joe?

Joe: Yes. We’re gonna start by warming up our pans. We’re gonna get it nice and hot.

Kim: All right.

Joe: And then we have some risotto that we cooked off already. A four ounce fillet mignon. Garlic, shallots, and some herb mushrooms.

Kim: All right.

Joe: And we have some herbs and some Mascarpone cheese here.

Kim: All right. That must be your secret ingredient at the end, right?

Joe: Yeah, only at the end. That’s gonna come at the end. So I’ll take all of the shallots, garlic, mushrooms.

Kim: All right. Sautee them a little bit.

Joe: This pan here. Once it gets golden brown we are gonna add the risotto in. The mean time I am going to just take this fillet here, we’re gonna slice it.

Kim: Is this one of the favorite dishes?

Joe: We added risotto to the menu and we sell a ton of it. So we have this nice and hot. We’re gonna throw the rice right in here.

Kim: It smells great already.

Joe: Gonna add a little bit of a . . . just a little touch of Marsala wine.

Kim: All right. Who influenced your cooking styles?

Joe: Ah, I mean I grew up in a restaurant. My Dad really taught me a lot.

Kim: Okay.

Joe: So I got some chicken stock. And we’re gonna just add some chicken stock in this pan. And that’s gonna get the rice to where we need it to be.

Kim: You’re cooking all these to order, I’m assuming.

Joe: We cook them all, yes, we cook everything to order. Salt and pepper our beef tips here. And we’re just gonna throw them right in this pan here. The last ingredient here, a little bit of thyme, just a little touch.

Kim: Thyme, okay.

Joe: A little bit of basil and some Mascarpone cheese.

Kim: All right great.

Joe: And we’re gonna finish the risotto with that. I grabbed some of our maitre d’ butter.

Kim: Okay.

Joe: And our maitre d’ butter has a lot of flavor to it. A couple of secret ingredients. So we’re just gonna take a little piece of maitre d’ butter and we’re gonna throw it in. Season the meat a little bit so that it has a nice flavor to it. Mascarpone cheese we’re gonna put in.

Kim: That’s gonna give it the rich creaminess.

Joe: Yup.

Kim: Looks great. Smells great.

Joe: Done.

Kim: Where are you going with that? Come on, bring it back.

Kim: Can you tell me when Corked opened?

Joe: Corked opened October 20th, 2013.

Kim: Why did you bring it to Bethlehem?

Joe: I was looking in Lehigh Valley for the right spot and Main Street is just a great place to be.

Kim: So can you tell me how the name Corked came about?

Joe: Corked means spoiled wine so we played on words with it. Come get corked, come spoil yourself.

Kim: Spoil yourself, right.

Joe: Our wine here, 99.9%, will never be corked.

Kim: How many bottles of wine do you have?

Joe: Our full bar list is about over 100 bottles of wine. By the glass we’re offering right now over 40 I’d say.

Kim: With this wine system that I see behind us can you tell me about how it operates?

Joe: Temperature controlled wine machine. So the wine machines are set for red wine or white wine. Really with the push of a button, we can dispense one ounce, two and a half or five ounce pour.

Kim: You just started with a lunch menu, is that correct?

Joe: Yeah, we’ve been open Tuesday to Sunday, six days a week, lunch and dinner for the last four months and we just started opening on Mondays now. So we’re full operation now, seven days a week, 11:30 am until the bar’s empty.

Kim: Who came up with the decor for this place?

Joe: I actually designed the whole restaurant. I was the general contractor, I was the designer.

Kim: Wow! It’s really chic and very hip.

Joe: Thank you.

Kim: Can you tell me what kind of wine you might pair with this?

Joe: If I was eating this I would probably have either like a red Zinfandel or a Cabernet.

Kim: Okay.

Joe: One of the two.

Kim: Sounds perfect to me.

Kim: Making me try mushrooms, which I don’t like. That was a big one.

Joe: You stuck your fork right in it.

Kim: Very good. Cheers.

Joe: Thank you for coming.