(Cigar Bars) Live Like a Local with George

Live Like a Local Cigar Bars Video Bethlehem Easton
Live Like A Local

Video released on: February 19, 2013

Hey, it’s George. We’re going to show you how to Live Like a Local at Easton at Leaf, which is one of the true hidden gems of the Lehigh Valley, especially if you’re a cigar connoisseur. So let’s go inside. Leaf opened about a year and half ago and is adjacent to famous Smoke Shop. Now those who come to Leaf enjoy some fine cigars, much like people enjoy fine craft beers, and can also get some of the nicest dining in the area.

And if you need to find that special cigar or cigar accessory, you’re in luck because right next to the restaurant is a retail store. We’re in the 2,200 square foot humidor that keeps the cigars at 70% humidity and 70 degrees at all times.

And for those who are asking or worried about the smoke, have no fear. Leaf has some of the best air filtration in the entire United states. In fact, every 90 minutes, the air within the restaurant is recycled.

Next up, we visit Bethlehem and The Wooden Match, which is another cigar bar, and it’s located right in the heart of where Musikfest takes place every year. We’re outside of The Wooden Match in downtown Bethlehem. It’s on the site of a former train depot, and it’s another great place you can have a fine meal, some great drinks, and a great cigar. Let’s go inside.

The Wooden Match has an incredible craft beer selection and is becoming somewhere where Bethlehem residents like to meet for happy hour, nearly every day of the week. In addition to its upstairs bar and dining seating, there’s also dining seating below in this pretty unique area.

Thanks for joining us as we visited two of our favorite cigar bars in the area, Leaf and The Wooden Match. See you next time.