Titanic Dinner – A Night To Remember!

Apr 4th, 2012Press Release from Historic Hotel Bethlehem

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Titanic Dinner – A Night To Remember!

Bethlehem, Pa. April 4, 2012  – The General Manager of Historic Hotel Bethlehem, Dennis J. Costello and Charlene Donchez Mowers, President of Historic Bethlehem Partnership announced today, “together we will host a dinner to Commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic”.  The event is to be held at 7pm on Friday April 20, 2012.

Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Historic Bethlehem Partnership, a non-profit organization.  Costello says “we are thrilled to be partnering with Historic Bethlehem Partnership on this event.  The sinking of the Titanic is such a poignant event in American history that we wanted to mark the anniversary with a tribute that would be respectful, enlightening, and entertaining.”   The evening is being hailed “A Night to Remember” and will take guests on a journey worthy of the First Class Passenger aboard the RMS Titanic.

The menu for the evening was taken directly from the dinner that was served on the Titanic in their first class dining room on April 14, 1912.  Executive Chef, Federica Muggenburg has re-created 5 courses, from the Titanic’s original 10 course dinner.  In researching the recipes, Chef Muggenburg had to search far and wide to authenticate the recipes.  In order to identify the correct recipe for one of the Titanic’s desserts, the Chef contacted a food writer in England and the great-niece of a violinist who worked for the White Star Company and went down with the ship, famously playing with other band members to calm the passengers until the very end.  Chef Muggenburg says “the menu for the event is exquisite and true to the culinary influences of 1912.  This will be a wonderful dining experience.”

In addition, guests will have an exclusive opportunity to explore personal collections, on loan for this event only.  “We feel very fortunate in being able to display items from the Klein Collection.  The Klein collection is that of a true Titanic aficionado and enthusiast and includes original china from the White Star Company.  It’s fascinating to observe the years of assembling that went into this compilation” says Natalie Bock, Hotel Historian.  An additional display will be from among family heirlooms of the Thayer family.  Mr & Mrs Thayer traveled on the Titanic with their 17 year old son and a maid.  Mr Thayer Sr, did not survive the disaster, his wife, maid and son did.  We have a lovely dressing gown of the Senior Thayer, that will be on display for the event along with family photographs.

The evening will be filled with live music of the era, Ragtime, Blues and Jazz, as well as some individual performances to highlight the evening.

For reservations and more information please call 610.882.0450 ext 10.

The Historic Hotel Bethlehem is located in Bethlehem, Pa.  It is in the heart of Bethlehem’s nationally registered historic district.  The hotel is a proud member of Historic Hotels of America.  Experience world-class service, charming guest accommodations and award winning cuisine, all on a site that has been warmly welcoming guests since 1741.

Historic Bethlehem Partnership’s mission is to bring history to life by educating the public about Bethlehem’s rich heritage, by preserving historic sites, and by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting historical and artistic objects that can be used to tell the stories of Bethlehem’s people.

For more information for please contact Kelly Ronalds, Director of Sales and Marketing for The Historic Hotel Bethlehem at (610) 625-2210, or visit our Website at www.hotelbethlehem.com.

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