The Great Allentown Fair’s Billboard Campaign Takes Top Honors in Communications Awards

Nov 29th, 2012Press Release from The Great Allentown Fair

Contact:  Bonnie Brosious/Terri Schwenk

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Allentown Fair wins industry communications award Fair teamed with Adams Outdoor wins second straight ‘outstanding’ recognition

Las Vegas. NV  – For the second straight year, The Great Allentown Fair’s advertising billboard campaign took top honors in the communications awards sponsored by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE), it was announced last evening at the association’s conference in Las Vegas.

Fair Marketing Director Bonnie Brosious accepted the award recognizing “outstanding” achievement in producing a series of promotional billboards for fairs of similar size.  The IAFE has over 1,300 member fairs throughout the world.

The boards were created by Nate Linder of Adams Outdoor in consultation with Allentown Fair marketing representatives Brosious and Terri Schwenk.

Drivers on Lehigh Valley roadways last summer were treated to three different boards with a humorous twist promoting the fair as “A Little Bit Country. All Fun!”

Combining traditional fair images with a country theme, the boards featured a candy apple with a guitar tuner head on the end of its stick, an amusement ride bumper car with bull longhorns as a hood ornament and a colorful clown shoe adorned with a cowboy boot spur.

In addition to the fair receiving a plaque for first place, photos of the billboard campaign were displayed at the IAFE convention.


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