Sacred Heart Hospital Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Apr 11th, 2016Press Release from Sacred Heart Hospital and HealthCare System

Allentown, PA To celebrate National Volunteer Week, Sacred Heart Hospital will hold a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony this Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. in Sacred Heart Hospital’s Auditorium.  Sacred Heart Hospital President & CEO John Nespoli will present the awards along with Vice President Stephen Lanshe and Beth Fogel, Director, Volunteer Services.

This year in addition to the Recognition Ceremony, we congratulate Sacred Heart Volunteers who are being recognized by other Lehigh Valley organizations. 

The County of Lehigh’s Office of Aging & Adult Services has selected Tom Kelly and Bob Grim for Unsung Heroes Awards.  The Unsung Heroes Awards honor older adults of our community who display exceptional generosity with their time and talent to enhance the lives of others. 

Tom had hardly retired from his job at the Lehigh County Courthouse (3 weeks) when he started volunteering at Sacred Heart in 2013 and he has been here, faithfully, 3 days a week ever since.  He is always eager to help with a big smile and with his friendly manner.  He even showed up during the big snowstorm, on his day off, with doughnuts in hand because he knew many volunteers would be unable to make it in.

Bob has been a part of our volunteer team for two years and is always looking to help.  He goes above and beyond to help others and can often be seen in our Gift Shop purchasing a drink for a patient waiting for a ride home.  He’ll stay late to provide care for patients or to help other volunteers. 

Jack & Helen Bischof are nominees of the United Way’s Sam and Betsy Torrence “Partners in Volunteerism” Award.  This award is given to a married couple who, together, make meaningful volunteer contributions to the community.  Jack and Helen have been volunteering for over 20 years at Sacred Heart, giving over 10,000 hours of service!  Helen volunteers in the Cancer Center as well as in the Volunteer Office as the desk coordinator.  Jack has “a way” of putting patients at ease when escorting them to their destination.  He talks to them and uses the utmost care when pushing our wheelchair patients.  When asked why they volunteer at Sacred Heart they say, “It’s all about the people that are here and the people that come here and need our help.”

We are so very grateful to all of our volunteers who choose to give their time and do so much at Sacred Heart Hospital every day to help staff, patients and visitors.

About Sacred Heart Hospital

Sacred Heart Hospital is a 215-bed Catholic medical center located in central Allentown, Pa. Founded in 1912, Sacred Heart Hospital offers a wide range of advanced medical services ranging from obstetrics to bariatric surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology, rehabilitation and behavioral health services.

A network of physician practices throughout Lehigh and Northampton Counties provide complete primary and pediatric medical care to the region’s residents. Sacred Heart Hospital is nationally recognized in case management, as a Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery, and its Transitional Care Facility was granted a Five-Star rating by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

About National Volunteer Week (from Wikipedia)

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration observed in the United States and in Canada in mid to late April, to promote and show appreciation for volunteerism in the two countries. In the United States it is organized by the Point of Light foundation. National Volunteer Week in the United States was first established via Presidential Proclamation 4288, signed by Richard Nixon in 1974.  Former President George H. W. Bush showed his support of American Volunteering in his 1991 State of the Union Address, commending “a volunteer’s generous gesture”, and calling it “an idea that is simply right.”  A National Volunteer Week new proclamation has been issued by the American President each year since the holiday’s inception.

The manner of celebration for national volunteer week varies, but many organizations host special events to help engage their local communities in volunteering and make them aware of opportunities that are available year round.

In the United States, the President’s Volunteer Service Award is presented each year during National Volunteer week by various organizations to their members who have completed 500+ hours of volunteer service for adults. Young adults may earn the award with 250 hours of service while children may earn it with 100 hours.



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