‘Hats off’ to Allentown Fair billboards Fair Marketing Department, Adams Outdoor take third straight win for billboards entered in fair industry communication awards

Dec 5th, 2013Press Release from The Great Allentown Fair

Allentown, Pa. –  Adams Outdoor artist Nathan Linder and the Allentown Fair’s in-house advertising agency and marketing department representatives Bonnie Brosious and Terri Schwenk scored two first place wins in the annual communication awards sponsored by the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, the fair industry’s trade association that represents 1,300 member fairs around the world.

For the third year in a row they won for “Outstanding Promotional Advertising – Multiple Billboards.” This year they also won for “Outstanding Single Billboard.”

The boards embellished on the “Rootin’ Tootin’ Fun” tagline that was developed by Brosious and Schwenk for the 2013 fair that featured western-themed exhibits and attractions. Linder utilized images of a man, a woman and a young boy to create three different boards emoting rootin’ tootin fun at the fair as “awe inspirin’, head-spinnin’,” “hair rasin’, mind-blowin’” and “eye poppin’, jaw-droppin’.”

He capped off the attention-getting road signs with a cowboy hat that seemingly floated above each billboard as if it had popped off the heads of the excited man, woman and child.

The “eye poppin’, jaw-droppin’” rendition that featured a young boy in what is recognized as the classic “Home Alone” mouth-wide-open, hands-clasping-face expression took the honors for outstanding single board.

The awards will be presented December 12 at the international fair organization’s convention in Las Vegas.


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