18th Annual City Arts Camp for Kids! June 20 – 24, 2016

Allentown, PA – The 18th Annual City Arts Cultural Camp for Kids will be held this year at the end of June. Campers will have the opportunity to travel around to the various arts buildings downtown as they learn about the arts in Allentown. They will be exploring music, theatre, dance, paintings and exhibits, and more!


This year’s camp runs from June 20—24, 2016 and offers an amazing opportunity for children (ages 7-11) from the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas to explore various art and cultural educational activities in the heart of the city’s downtown cultural center. 


City Arts Camp is a collaborative project presented by the Allentown Art Museum, Allentown Symphony Association, The Baum School of Art, Civic Theatre of Allentown, Community Music School, and Repertory Dance Theatre.  Campers participate in activities and classes at various downtown arts venues, all led by professional staff from each organization.   Providing exposure to the worlds of art, history, dance, theatre, and music, the weeklong camp culminates with a showcase and reception for all participants and parents.


The best part…you don’t have to live in Allentown to participate.  In fact, City Arts is a wonderful way for children and families from outside the Allentown area to experience the cultural offerings of the city.   The camp also provides a fun and interactive way of introducing youth and their families to the various artistic venues in Allentown and exploring diverse artistic disciplines.


The program has experienced growth over the years and such wonderful acclaim from the participants that a good number return each year. The organizations involved remain committed to providing a camp session that is open to ALL youngsters from ages 7-11 with a sense of creative adventure who are looking to have some fun this summer. 


Here is a glance at what each organization will be showcasing this year:



Allentown Art Museum

At the Allentown Art Museum, campers will explore how the art museum enriches the cultural life of our downtown. They’ll get a one of kind view into our permanent collections of photography, painting, sculpture and more. They will be able to discover what, why, and how the museum collects and stores these one of a kind works of art. After seeing what’s on the walls, they’ll see what’s off the walls as museum staff takes them behind the scenes to show how we keep art in good condition and ready to exhibit. All week they’ll take on the task of being mini curators to their own mini museums, where they will use what they learn to create and display their own collection of selected two and three dimensional art works.


For more information on the Allentown Art Museum, please contact Yesenia Perez at gro.muesumtranwotnellanull@zerepy/ 610-432-4333 ext. 138.


Allentown Symphony Association

Musical Instruments…and more!!

Join us as we explore the instruments of the Symphony Orchestra!  Campers will get a backstage tour of historic Symphony Hall and learn about the Allentown Symphony Orchestra who calls this building home. 


At the conclusion of our exploration, campers will have the opportunity to try their hand at making their own music with the instruments of Allentown Symphony Orchestra’s Instrument Petting Zoo.  So much fun and a lot to explore!  For more information about ASA, contact Stephanie Kocher atgro.ynohpmysnwotnellanull@rehcoks.


The Baum School of Art

This year campers at The Baum School of Art will create their own masterpieces inspired by Allentown’s growing cityscape.  Students will experiment with different types of drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques, as well as different art media with a focus on the rejuvenation of our city and its changing skyline.  At The Baum School of Art students will explore their creativity and learn about self-expression.  For more information about The Baum School of Art, contact Amanda Madea at gro.loohcsmuabnull@adnama.


Civic Theatre of Allentown

“All The World’s a Stage!”

Join Civic Theatre of Allentown at City Arts Camp as we put a little DRAMA into your life!  Students will learn about the amazing craft of acting by participating in performance-based activities.  Students will delight in playing theatre games and work on developing skills in articulation, improvisation and creative movement, all designed to foster creative thinking and positive risk-taking in a safe and respectful environment.  Civic Theatre of Allentown is passionate about encouraging youngsters to unlock and explore their creative potential.  The exciting week of camp culminates with a student performance of a dazzling showcase of their work for family and friends.  Enjoy a sample of what Civic Theatre School has to offer. For more information on Civic Theatre, contact John Hedges, moc.ertaehtcivicnull@nhoj or visit www.civictheatre.com.


Community Music School

Flutophone Fun!

CMS welcomes campers for a week of flutophone fun!  From the very first day, students will learn to read simple music notes and experience playing their very own instrument.  Under the direction of CMS educator and professional musician, Clifford Tracy, they will learn to play several songs as an ensemble.  The end of the week will culminate with a showcase performance for family and friends.  A flutophone is included as a keepsake for each child.  For any camper already enrolled in music study, more advanced music will be available.  For more information about CMS, contact Jeff Reed at gro.vlsmcnull@ffej.


Repertory Dance Theatre

Campers will be led through a basic dance warm-up daily and then learn new dance moves in different dance genres, including ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop. They will explore the concepts of musicality and the basic elements of movement and choreography, including personal & general space, levels, and making shapes with their bodies. With different styles of music, the campers will be introduced to the creative process by incorporating their new dance skills and try their own choreography. A small & informal performance by the students will be presented Friday afternoon. For more information about Repertory Dance Theatre, contact Jennifer Haltzman-Tracy at moc.loanull@yllodtdr.


Tuition for City Arts Camp is $225 and includes all program materials and daily snack. Deadline for registration is June 1, 2016. Camp goes from 9am to 4pm and campers are responsible for bringing their own lunch.  For more information, or to register, call The Baum School at 610-433-0032 or email gro.loohcsmuabnull@rartsiger.   Space is limited.


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