Made in Lehigh Valley

See how one of the most renowned names in acoustic guitars makes its world‑famous instruments at the C.F. Martin Guitar Company in Nazareth. On the factory tour, you get the chance to see every precise step of the guitar‑making process, as your guide tells the history of this iconic music maker.

Although Just Born, Inc. – home of Marshmallow PEEPS, Peanut Chews and other fine confections – doesn’t offer regular tours, get a feel for how its candy is made at the Just Born exhibit inside the Sigal Museum in Easton. This fun and colorful display will certainly leave you craving sweets.

Afterwards, visit the Mack Truck Museum at its new customer center in Allentown. The museum is open to visitors Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Discover rare artifacts such as a 1905 bus, old fire engines and even Megatron from Transformers 3.