How to use Favorites and Itineraries

As of July 2013, Discover Lehigh Valley has added two new features to its site: Favorites and Itineraries. Both features are seamlessly tied into Facebook, and with a click of a button you can personalize your experience by adding places and events to your favorites list, as well as adding them to your own custom itineraries. To get started just follow the simple instructions below.

Step One: Connect via Facebook

One of the finest additions to the site is the simplicity of logging into Facebook. Once you do this you are set to begin.

Not logged into Facebook? Just click on the “” button in the footer and sign into Facebook.

Already logged in? Just approve the app by clicking the “authorize this app” button in the footer of this page and click “okay” in the popup window. We don’t ask for personal data, just your public profile information that’s already established with Facebook. The Discover Lehigh Valley app will not share your activity on Facebook, nor will we violate your privacy or resell any information gathered in any way.

Step Two: Start looking for your favorite Lehigh Valley places and events

Are there places you always seem to return to in Lehigh Valley? What about great events that you find on our site and want to attend? Well, we’ve developed a way for you to save these sought after gems without having to clutter your browser’s bookmarks. We call them “favorites.”

Adding and removing to your favorites list is as simple as a click of a button. Whenever you see the “favorite star” throughout the site, just guide your cursor over the star and click “add.” If you want to remove the item from your favorites, just guide your cursor over the star and click “remove.”

To view all of your favorites, click on the “favorites” button in the footer. The page is nicely organized for you so you can see your favorite places and your favorite events. On this page you can remove the item from favorites by simply clicking the “remove” button underneath the item you’d like to remove.

Step Three: Create some awesome itineraries!

Would you like to organize a night out with your friends in Bethlehem? Or perhaps you want to spend the weekend with your family but have no idea what to do? That’s why we developed a simple way for you to create Lehigh Valley itineraries.

Adding places and events to your itinerary couldn’t be simpler. To begin, click on the “itineraries” button in the footer of this page to get started. On the right sidebar, you’ll see a list of your itineraries if you have already created them. If you haven’t created any itineraries yet, just click on “create new.”

Fill in your itinerary’s title and a brief description. Since itineraries are public to all visitors, please make certain you don’t include any personal information. After clicking “submit,” you can start adding items to your itinerary.

You can either choose items from your favorites from the right sidebar or you can peruse our site and add items wherever you see the “itinerary compass.” You also have the option to rearrange your items by dragging and dropping the items or using the “up” and “down” arrows.

When you are done with your itinerary, you can “share” it on Facebook or “e-mail” it to a friend. Enjoy!