Lehigh Valley is home to numerous places to eat and we’re uncovering them one by one in our own version of Foodie Friday. We’ve asked the local chefs and owners of restaurants for some of their secret recipes, what some of their favorite ingredients are, who their mentors are and more. We’re exposing them to help make it easier for you to decide where to head for a hearty breakfast, quick lunch, or a gourmet dinner.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on them as well. Feel free to post a comment at the end of each post.

Lehigh Valley Foodie Friday

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Fundamentals of Wine Certification Course at Northampton Community College

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge of wine, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Why not sign up for the 12-week, two series certification course taught at Northampton Community College’s Fowler Family Southside Center in Bethlehem? I had...

Lehigh Valley Foodie Friday

DISHcover Lehigh Valley: Prime Steak House Is Well … Real Prime!

On this #FoodieFriday, I'm taking you on a journey with the most recent episode of DISHcover Lehigh Valley. Today's launch takes you to Prime Steak House in Bethlehem, Pa. You're going to find that not only is the location "prime," but...

Southside Bethlehem's Molinari's

DISHcover Lehigh Valley: Molinari’s Brings Italian Food To Life

What does a wood burning oven, 10 gelato flavors served daily, and the freshest meat that is butchered by the chef all have in common? It's all what you'll find at Molinari's in Bethlehem, plus a whole lot more. Molinari's...

Yianni's Taverna

DISHcover Lehigh Valley: Yianni’s Taverna Takes You To The Mediterranean

Have you ever been to the Mediterranean? While I can only dream of traveling there one day, I actually felt like I was transformed there recently without stepping foot out of Lehigh Valley ... in “good old” Pennsylvania. Just sit...