Area Artists 2017

What cities resonate with you in connection with art? New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco? Think local. The region of eastern Pennsylvania boasts an active and internationally recognized community of artists. Lehigh University Art Galleries Teaching Museum is proud to present an exhibition featuring a selection of works from this community, Area Artists 2017.

Area Artists is a biennial exhibition dating back to 1987. This year’s exhibition will include works by Deborah Slahta (ceramics), Ed Kerns (painting), Judith Joy Ross (photography), and the collaboration team of Pat Badt (painting and bookmaking) and Scott Sherk (sound sculpture).

Deborah Slahta’s raku and stoneware pottery act as three-dimensional canvases, heavily influenced by her love of geometry. She divides the surface into thirds, quarters, or sixths, and repeats a motif around the pot using tape. Once satisfied, she applies a glaze, removes the tape, and then fires the piece to completion.

Ed Kerns is an internationally recognized American abstract artists and educator. He is currently producing paintings using techniques that combine digital imaging with traditional techniques. His current works are largely the result of collaborations with neuroscientists, computational specialists, actors, poets and installation artists.

Judith Joy Ross’s photography focuses on black and white portrait series using a vintage camera. She often makes references to universal social issues and one of her most famous portrait series was snapped in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Pat Bardt is a painter who also makes unique artist books and prints. Her work is inspired by location, filtered through experience and sensibility.

Scott Sherk is a sculptor who often works with sound. As a sculptor, he was used to moving masses and forms around, but with sound he could carve into the space, itself, by manipulating the sound. For him, sculpture has increasingly become the art of space, and about highlighting cues of reference other than a physical object to generate and manipulate representations of space.


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