Animal Grossology at Da Vinci Science Center


The hit feature exhibition Animal Grossology is an all-out, impolite, unapologetic, and playful animatronic adventure of everything sticky, stinky, slimy, oozy, and disgusting involving animals around the world. Based on the popular series of children’s books by Sylvia Branzei, it serves as a companion to the GROSSOLOGY series and is sponsored in part by B. Braun, the County of Lehigh, and Follett Corporation.

What Kids Can Do
• Play an arcade-like game where a frog “barfs” babies, and learn how different animals give birth.
• Watch an animated model eat and digest food, and see how cows have four stomach chambers.
• Take part in a dung ball rolling race, like beetles, and learn how animals depend on poop for survival.
• Sniff strong animal odors to find out how animals use odors to communicate.
• Watch 3-D footage of an intestine tapeworm, and discover how long tapeworms can become.
• See how much one owl pellet (balls of waste that owls hack up) can tell what an owl had been doing.
• Save sick animals by discovering different types of animal bloods and matching them to their creatures.
• Pump blood from a model human arm to feed insects, finding out why it’s good to have blood-sucking creatures.
• Play the animated Slime Game, vote for the slimiest creature, and explore why slime is important to animals.
• Visit an ice house, and explore different types of scat (scientific for poop) to find out which animals pooped the party, literally.

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Event Amenities:
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  • Group Friendly
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  • Family Friendly
Event Location:3145 Hamilton Blvd. Bypass directions »
Event Sponsor: Da Vinci Science Center
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