Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly Former New York Yankee

My favorite Lehigh Valley discovery is two-part, depending on the season.

“I’m from North Catasauqua, and as kids we’d ride our bikes and head off to the Catasauqua pool in summertime. It was a fantastic meeting place for kids and we would hang out at the high dive. I don’t know how exactly how high it was, probably only 15 or 20 feet, but we’d all jump off and try some crazy stuff. I remember cracking my teeth trying to do a “double gainer.” My knee hit my chin and I broke my two front teeth. It was pretty embarrassing. I must have been 14 years old trying to impress one of the cheerleaders who was on the side of the pool and it didn’t go very well when I came out with a bloody mouth. She was a varsity cheerleader and I was trying my best to get her attention, went off the high-dive headfirst and wrecked my smile. Oh well, I didn’t have a chance with that girl anyway.

In winter, we have a place called the “three dips” at Catasauqua playground – probably the best inner tubing area in Lehigh Valley for thrills, spills and broken bones. It’s still there and if there is ever a good snow you should tell anybody who enjoys inner tubing or sledding to head down to the “three dips.” There are all different kinds of slopes and you can really get airborne. You can call it thrilling, but it’s also scary as hell!

We made our own fun back then and Lehigh Valley is where I’ve collected some of my favorite memories.”