Matt Millen

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My favorite Lehigh Valley discovery has always been my own outdoor adventures as a kid.

” When I was a kid, my neighborhood was all farmland, so I would be out exploring all the time. Everything was new to me. There are a lot of places where I would explore, from the little creeks that spread throughout the region, to following the Lehigh River route, to just being out in the woods at all the different parks.

I can remember heading down to the old “Hokey” playground at Hokendauqua Park. My friends and I did what all the kids I knew did back then – we roamed around outside and tried to catch salamanders or snakes. I was always out in the woods or in a stream, looking for whatever came my way. Between that and playing sports, it’s all I ever did. Football was a big deal, from Hokendauqua youth football through high school. And it’s still the same way today. That’s the beauty of Lehigh Valley.”