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Lafayette College was founded in 1826 by citizens of Easton, Pennsylvania, and named for the Marquis de Lafayette in honor of his “talents, virtues, and services in the great cause of freedom.” It offers a small college environment with excellence in arts and humanities, social and natural sciences, and engineering. One of America’s oldest colleges, Lafayette has almost 2500 students and 215 full-time faculty and offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in 37 fields; Bachelor of Science in 10 fields of science and 4 fields of engineering. With 250 student organizations and an amazing, resource-rich campus, Lafayette offers many of the benefits of larger schools with the student-centered approach of a small, undergraduate college.

Lafayette is defined by its spirit of exploration that ignores boundaries. Committed faculty work with engaged students to tackle intellectual challenges and to solve real-world problems. Connections between ideas and people are paramount—on campus, in Easton, throughout the U.S. and around the world. The Lafayette spirit of “Cur non,” propels our graduates to lives of great accomplishment. It was added to the Marquis de Lafayette’s family crest when he crossed the ocean to fight for America’s freedom, and signifies today that anything is possible at Lafayette.

Lafayette professors are recognized scholars working on the frontiers of their disciplines, yet have also dedicated their lives to mentoring undergraduates. They prepare Lafayette students for purposeful lives of accomplishment through intense personal experiences in the classroom, the field, the laboratory, and beyond.

Lafayette students are drivers, not passengers; doers, not spectators. They come to Lafayette from across the country and around the world, planning to use their education to accomplish great things. It is their drive and energy, combined with the great spirit of the faculty and the resources of Lafayette, that account for their high levels of achievement after graduation.

Lafayette’s beautiful campus, in a great location near one of the world’s top cultural centers, consists of 69 buildings, comprising approximately 1.76 million square feet, on 340 total acres, including a 230-acre athletic campus. It is also one of the most up-to-date and well-equipped campuses you will find—in the arts, sciences, humanities, engineering, residential life and athletics.

Students say Lafayette is a special place because of the breadth of the curriculum, encompassing the arts and humanities, social and natural sciences, and engineering. It gives Lafayette a “university feel” in an environment dedicated to the undergraduate. Professors work with students from vastly different disciplines on a regular basis to solve real problems. This is the hallmark of a Lafayette liberal arts education.

Lafayette has a total endowment of over $750 million. As an exclusively undergraduate institution, Lafayette focuses all of its resources on undergraduates and is in the top 8 percent of all colleges and universities in the nation in endowment per student.

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